My first piece of video art: Jim Campbell – Grand Central Station

I’ve been admiring Jim Campbell since I first saw one of his works at Art Basel Miami years ago.

I loved the installations he did at Madison Square Park, and even the Hillstone restaurant across the street from my office has a piece of his that I have thought about trying to buy from them.

On Monday, I was at a Christie’s preview show with my friend Kim, and, lo, he had a piece there, and at an estimated price well below what I thought it was worth. Yesterday, I registered for the auction, and today at 4:30pm I got a call as lot 363 came up for bid. My gut was churning as the bidding started, and after a number of Yes’s and blowing through the estimate, Jim Campbell’s Untitled (Grand Central Station 3) from 2009 was mine. Bam!

Jim Campbell - Grand Central Station 3

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