Finally picked up the photo I bought – Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil #22


I bought this piece a month or so ago, but I finally picked it up from Michael Phelan tonight. I’ve tried describing it to a few people, and I’ve gotten skeptical looks, but I quite like it.

It’s an archival pigment print of an unaltered scan of a crumpled piece of Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil. It is part of a series, but the photo itself is one of a kind, which is unusual. Since I am a fan of pop art, I enjoy that it takes a mundane, everyday object and forces you to look at it in a new way, and there’s a real contrast between the sharp edges of where the foil touched the scanner and the shadowy depths.

The jpeg doesn’t do it justice. You really need to see this 4.5′ by 3.5′ shimmering image in front of you to appreciate it.

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3 Responses to Finally picked up the photo I bought – Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil #22

  1. David Moreno says:

    I would also look at it skeptically πŸ™‚ But you know, after spending more than just a moment looking at it, it’s scarily addictive and seductive on some sort of twisted way.If you like it, congratulations for your buy πŸ™‚

  2. Isolabella says:

    It appears that a heat gun was used to encourage crinkling as the material desired. If you wish I shall forward photos of my similar works.

  3. Tom Burke says:

    Holy cow, comments!Thanks, David!Isolabella, would love to see your work.

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