Sentimental stop at Bar Noviciado


My junior year at Berkeley, I spent my spring semester in Madrid as part of the Skidmore / Tufts abroad program. I took classes at the Universidad Autonoma and the program center, and I lived with a single mother who lived by the Noviciado subway stop, which was very convenient.
Bar Noviciado, which is right at the entrance to the subway, was a frequent stop for a quick bite or a drink. They had my favorite patatas bravas in the whole city, and I consumed an endless amount of them and tortilla española there. Anytime I’m in Madrid, I’m compelled to drop by, and I was very pleased to see my old bartender still there after all these years. Last time I visited, six years ago, he recognized me and we chatted, but I didn’t see a flicker of recognition this time and I didn’t bring it up. Unfortunately the frier was broken and they couldn’t serve patatas bravas. I did have a couple cañas though, and next time I’ll be sure to have some pimientos.

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