Burning Man 2010 was my best in a while. Wonderful people, abundant creativity, and kick ass dancing.

This was my 9th year at Burning Man, which I can hardly believe myself. I don’t have the passion for it that I did in the early years, but there are years like this one where the pieces fall into place and I’m reminded how special it is. The three things it comes down to for me are the wonderful people, the abundant creativity, and the kick ass dancing.

Camp Felixxx had 13 people this year, including 4 newcomers, 3 of which were from Japan. It made for a great vibe.


Over 50,000 people came to the playa this year.


The hub for seeing the varied citizens of Black Rock City is Center Camp.



Creativity comes through in costumes, which I don’t seem to have many photos of.


Through installations.


(I climbed this)




And art cars.



One of my favorite parts of Burning Man is the dancing. Whether it’s someone with graceful moves –

Tearing it up at Distrikt in the afternoon.


Or DJs exploding like The Crystal Method at Roots Society on Friday. This was one of the most amazing DJ setups and visuals I’ve seen. Just look at the crowd in front of the stage.

Burning Man wouldn’t be what it is without a lot of fire.



And seeing the dawn rise over the Black Rock desert, which I did 3 nights in a row.


Friday morn.


Sunday morn.

Finally, the Man itself. Due to a desperate need for a nap and the dust storm that was happening, I missed seeing it burn on Saturday.


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1 Response to Burning Man 2010 was my best in a while. Wonderful people, abundant creativity, and kick ass dancing.

  1. Deo says:

    Tom, it was great to meet you. I had soo much fun at BM! We shall do this again next year! Keep in touch!

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