Really enjoyed the Triumph Speed Triple, except for the 3 tickets I got!!

Went with Chris and 2 guys from Jupiter’s Motoshare up to Bear Mountain this morning. I finally got to ride the Triumph Speed Triple. Chris wanted me to get some practice on some other bikes before he let me on this little rocket.


Really enjoyed it, and will be taking it out for some more day rides. Once again I underestimated traffic, and I was rushing to return the bike after going up to The Cloisters. After I got over the Brooklyn Bridge, there was a stop light before the onramp to the BQE. There was a long line of cars, and while the light was red I rode up between them to cut to the front of the line. Just my rotten luck, there were 2 cop cars at the on ramp and I got pulled over. I didn’t really say anything and just waited for the ticket. The asshole cop must have been having a really bad day or was far behind his quota because he didn’t give me just 1 ticket. He didn’t just give me 2 tickets. The bastard gave me 3 tickets!


Driving between lanes, turning from a non-existent lane, and turning without my left turn signal on. The last two tickets are BS. I had moved in front of the car in the left lane when I pulled to the front, and it was a left turn only lane. I’ll have to go to court to fight them, because there’s no way I’m going to take 3 moving violations.



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