Another excellent art project at Madison Square Park: Scattered Light by Jim Campbell

I’ve been repeatedly impressed by the quality of the public art projects shown at Madison Square Park. Some of my favorites have been Roxy Paine’s silver trees, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s illuminated heartbeats, and Antony Gormley’s figures in silent observance on surrounding buildings.

Another winner is on display now, Scattered Light by Jim Campbell. It’s a rectangular space on the central lawn that’s filled with over 1,600 hanging bulbs that act as pixels on a low resolution screen. When you first see it, the bulbs look like they’re randomly twinkling, but when you’re at the right distance and angle, you start to notice there’s a cohesion to way the lights move, and then you see shadowy figures moving across your field of vision. It really makes you pause.

I first saw Jim’s work at Miami Art Basel, in 2006 or 2007. I wasn’t really interested in video art, but the piece I saw, a light box with a shadowy street scene playing across it, immediately captured me. I knew he had the potential to be big, and I’m happy to see he’s doing well. Wish I could have afforded to buy the piece I saw then.

Some more information on Scattered Light here.

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