Bocci 14 series pendant lights at the Hilton


I've been shopping around for a chandelier that will go over my dining room table. I had looked at the Bocci 14 series briefly, and I just came across this good installation of it at the Hilton. 

The 14 series is better for atmospheric lighting, but now I'm thinking about the 28 series:
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2 Responses to Bocci 14 series pendant lights at the Hilton

  1. todd tilev says:

    Have you been to the store Matter? They have some of these up, as well as some other very cool chandeliers!! Good luck, is the place almost together? I would love to see it when you are done…

  2. Tom Burke says:

    Yes, I went there and DDC to check them out. Haven’t even started renovations yet! Big delays. Will have you over when it’s done, which is probably sometime this summer.

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