Safari Day 1: Animals galore in Tarangire Park

Sitting by the campfire with milky way overhead in the middle of a huge plain amongst acacia and baobab trees with zebras and impalas a mere 50 yards away when we settled in, and somehow I have cell service. We saw so many great things, it became almost overwhelming. Wildebeests, elephants, zebras, impalas, giraffes, warthogs, dikdiks, birds, lioness, baboons, ostriches, and a few other things I forgot the name of. It was amazing to see them all mixed together in wide open spaces, something a camera just can’t capture. While the elephants were the most entrancing to watch, bathing themselves and digging in the ground for cool water, the ostriches and the warthogs were fascinating in their own right. How did that huge, solitary, flightless bird evolve?


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3 Responses to Safari Day 1: Animals galore in Tarangire Park

  1. Kryss M says:

    What a great day – looks like you are having an amazing time. And I can’t believe you have cell service either!

  2. Laura says:

    Feelin´it, thanks bro

  3. muggphoto says:

    Thanks for the update. Bunnies ride!

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