East Village #postirene

Tompkins Square Park is closed, and there is a big tree down in the middle of one of the paths. Pigeons, squirrels, and a disgusting number of rats are running around together eating whatever was tossed up by the winds.

Saw a smaller tree fallen on 1st and 13th that knocked down an awning. I first learned about that one from the New York Times website, where a picture of it was on the home page earlier this morning.

At least half the stores that would be open on a Sunday are opened, which is surprisingly much better than Bushwick, where about 80% was closed. I expected more closures in the E.V., assuming that many of the people that worked in the East Village lived in other boroughs and wouldn't be able to come in.

Some places like 7A are really bustling as people are so over Irene.

Oh, and there was a leak in my new apartment through the ceiling. Fortunately I don't have any furniture yet, but damn annoying and I need to get that fixed.


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