Now on my wall: Cerebellum by Jessica Drenk

Back at Art Basel Miami in December, I acquired a piece by Jessica Drenk. It’s been sitting in its shipping crate for a few months, and finally the chaos of my renovations has subsided enough that I was able to unpack it and hang it.

It’s a 3′ x 5′ sculpture that’s hung slightly floating off a wall to give it some depth and let light cast shadows from it.


She describes it as, “Cerebellum is made of books, cut into thin strips, and entwined together.  Porous and thin, the shape suggests that of a leaf or fractal, while swirling lines reflect patterns in  nature:  from capillaries and neurons to rivers and deltas.  The sequential logic of the book is dismantled and re-ordered to resemble the beautiful chaos found in the world around us and that within our own bodies.”

It is very organic looking, and I love the idea of a cross-section of brain revealing the books and knowledge that comprise it. 



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