Yo, I changed my twitter handle and moved my blog

So, Posterous, where I hosted my blog for the past 3 years, was acquired by Twitter and was shut down at the end of the last month. Sigh.

Of course I waited until the last moment to check out the alternatives. There is a Posterous clone called Posthaven, but it’s lacking a lot of features and I didn’t want to wait for them. Square Space was feature rich, and I would have moved there, but it has dumb defaults for creating new posts by email, which is what I do most of the time. Tumblr… I think I missed the boat for that. So here I am on WordPress.com after importing 877 posts.

One cool new feature – you can subscribe to my pictures and notes via email. Stick your email in that box in the right margin. Mom, Pop, that is perfect for you, since I know you rarely stop by.

While I think WordPress will stay independent longer than Posterous, I thought it’d be better to buy my own domain name in case I ever need or want to move again. Where did I come up with LivingIt.us? That’s me spending all of 5 minutes trying to find an available name. Depending on the moment, I could be living the dream, the nightmare, or just the day to day. Don’t get hung up on any particular interpretation.

Since I’m switching up my look, I thought I’d try out a new, snappier twitter name, @hitom. That may not last, but I’m going with it for now.

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