I finally got my own ride – a 2007 BMW K1200R Sport

I’ve been renting bikes through Jupiter’s MotoShare for several years now, and it’s been an awesome way to try out a variety of motorcycles without having to deal with the headaches of ownership. But recently I’ve been feeling the desire to be able to just getup and go whenever I want. I’ve been fantasizing about getting my own bike, and I finally did it!

BMW K1200R Sport

Back in 2011, I tried out a K1200R and loved it. It was the first thing I thought of when I started to look around, and, lucky me, someone was selling a 2007 model close by in New Jersey. It was owned by a collector, has less than 4000 miles and is in beautiful shape. Plus it’s just a rocket.

Living It and Loving It.

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2 Responses to I finally got my own ride – a 2007 BMW K1200R Sport

  1. Say word and be careful out there.

    Laura http://www.sierragorda.net Enviado desde mi iPad

    > El 18/05/2014, a las 15:03, Living It escribió: > > >

  2. marsolviento says:

    Tom!!!! Ride with care!!! Looks awesome!

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