In a different world

There is nothing like going to a distant land to clear your head and make you aware of the things you take for granted.

In Leh and the Ladakh region of India, the power would go out several times a day, heat and hot water was a luxury, Tibetan prayer flags flying everywhere, only one bar, no Western brands at all – not even coca cola, cricket is the most popular sport, monks in dark red robes walking around, snow capped mountains all around, lots of stray dogs, mostly vegetarian food, you drive on the left of poorly maintained roads, Saturday is a “dry day” meaning alcohol AND meat is not allowed, and bathing using a faucet and a bucket.

Except for the bucket part, I really enjoyed it.

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1 Response to In a different world

  1. moi says:

    hmmm, nice description, i can visualize it. a different consciousness! cool!

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