On the road to Lamayuru a.k.a. the day we wiped out on a motorcycle


We were fooled, because all the roads we saw East of Leh the day before were paved and in good condition. So we rented a motorcycle to check out the sights West of Leh. We got a Pulsar, which is made by Bajaj, the maker of my scooter. In fact, West of Leh there are rockslides on the road and many stretches of dirt roads. In addition, it was probably the most twisted road I’ve ever driven on, and it was definitely the highest at over 11,000 feet.

An hour into our trip, we were descending a mountain, and I was slowly navigating a sharp turn with dirt on top of the asphalt when the bike slid out from under me and we slammed into the ground. Despite the pain, we got up quickly to get out of the road. A car stopped and helped us move the bike, which was scratched up but worked fine. We were wearing multiple layers, which saved us from being torn up. Neither of us wanted to look at our injuries, and we continued for another couple of hours to Lamayuru.

As soon as we got off the bike there, people asked us if we’d been in an accident and were okay. My entire right side was white with the chalky dirt we landed in. Taking the layers off, we were both very bruised on our right legs, my right elbow was skinned, and my phone was busted. It was a couple of days before we stopped limping and people still ask me about the bruises, but it could have been a lot worse.

Regardless, it was a beautiful drive through the high mountains and along a river. Coming back we stopped in Alchi, which was nestled in a valley and resplendant with cherry blossoms.

Not having enough excitement for the day, we almost ran out of gas on the way back.

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1 Response to On the road to Lamayuru a.k.a. the day we wiped out on a motorcycle

  1. moi says:

    i assume the photos of both were taken before the spill…i like your spirit! be safe!

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